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Pledged Securities

Many companies prohibit pledging. Find out who risks it.

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The Pledged Securities database makes it easy to know which insiders have pledged equity shares as collateral, potentially exposing their company to hidden risks. Many advisers consider share pledging to be a poor governance practice, but this critical information is typically buried in footnotes to tables. With decades of experience collecting and cleaning this kind of data, our products are very easy to use and are fully comprehensive.

  • Easily monitor for risks associated with share pledging
  • Stay informed of possible impacts to ownership, independence, and insider trading rules
  • Benchmark against the whole population of US listed companies

The Audit Analytics Pledged Securities database tracks all instances of beneficial owners who have pledged their shares as collateral. It is a structured database that has been cleaned by significant manual review, ensuring consistency and accuracy to a very high standard.

Each record contains information on the person or entity that has pledged their shares, the number of shares pledged, and the percentage pledged versus their ownership stake, as well as the total shares outstanding of the company. The text of the disclosure is extracted and available for easy reference.

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Pledged Securities
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