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Mutual Fund Reorganizations

There is a lot to monitor to ensure auditor independence. Let us help.

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Without Audit Analytics, mutual fund reorganizations are challenging to find, forcing your staff to spend more time locating any recent reorganizations than actually analyzing them for conflicts of interest. Our Mutual Fund Reorganizations database is the first to compile fund reorganizations in one place to make for easy review. Auditor independence is a necessity, that should not mean it is difficult to maintain.

  • Easily monitor any potential client conflicts of interest due to fund reorganizations
  • Quickly review any mergers and acquisition activity
  • Understand the impact of fund reorganizations
  • Assemble archival data to create your own analysis

The Audit Analytics Mutual Fund Reorganizations database consists of mutual fund reorganizations, including acquisitions by an affiliated fund, acquisitions by an unaffiliated fund, and mergers. Each record contains detailed information about the acquiring fund and the target fund, such as the adviser and any swap investments. This ensures you are armed with the most accurate information available in one easy-to-use location. Your competition manually collects this information. With Audit Analytics, you position yourself ahead by focusing on the analysis.

As with all our databases, it is structured and cleaned by significant manual review, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Accounting, financial, legal, regulatory, and academic professionals alike will benefit from our unique approach to mutual fund reorganization data collection. It is simply a must-have for anyone who works with funds or is interested in their history.

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