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Europe Audit Opinions Database

Access audit opinions disclosed by European public companies all in one platform

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The Audit Analytics Europe Audit Opinion database tracks auditor reports on financial statements disclosed since 2010.

  • Track audit opinions by engaged auditor
  • Find and analyze companies with joint audit opinions
  • Know how much companies have paid auditors in audit, non-audit, and other fees
  • Search “going concern” modifications – when the auditor expresses doubt about the company’s financial health
  • Identify lead engagement partner(s)*
  • Match fees paid to the signing auditor in one download
  • Find opinions by the number of KAMs with one easy selection
  • Track historical trends in auditor relationships and associated audit fees

EU regulations require statutory auditor(s) or the audit firm(s) to present the results of the statutory audit of the public interest entity in an audit report. See Article 10, Regulation (EU) No 537/2014

Audit Analytics Europe Audit Opinions provides information on the auditor of equity-listed companies on EEA exchanges. From the opinion on the financial statements, we extract the audit firm, its city, the name of the partner(s), and the date the opinion was signed.

Where available, it also tracks audit reports on financial statements for companies listed on select non-regulated EEA exchanges.

* The Signing Partner information must, by law, be used in a manner consistent with the public interest and compatible with the regulatory reason it was initially collected (e.g., accounting quality and financial disclosure integrity).

Availability Online • Data Feed • Excel • WRDS
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