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Europe Audit Fees Database

Know how much European public companies pay in Audit, Non-Audit, and Other Fees to external auditor(s) in one convenient place

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Audit Analytics Europe Audit Fees offers a comprehensive view into the audit market in Europe. Fees are collected in the stated currency and translated into both Euros and U.S. dollars for ease of comparison.

  • Covers approximately 8,000 companies listed on stock exchanges across 31 European countries
  • Available in disclosed currency and translated to Euros and U.S. dollars for ease of comparison
  • Quickly analyze year over year changes in audit fees
  • Benchmark your audit fees to your peers by revenue, market cap, and industry
  • Analyze the impact on audit fees from recent EU regulations

EU regulations require public interest entities (which includes listed entities) to disclose fees paid to auditors, in the following categories: 1) audit; 2) audit-related; 3) tax; and 4) other. See Article 18 of Directive 2013/34/EU.

Availability Online • Data Feed • Excel • WRDS