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Litigation Database

Search federal litigation actions involving SEC registrants and/or their officers and directors

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The Audit Analytics Litigation database is populated with federal cases referenced in all public registrant disclosures of material legal proceedings. This database also includes coverage of all publicly disclosed federal securities class actions, SEC and DOJ-disclosed federal litigation action against SEC registrants.

  • Monitor federal litigation actions involving the top 100 accounting firms
  • Assess investment risk surrounding certain types of litigation, including corruption and illegal activities, intellectual property, and shareholder actions
  • Determine how many securities class actions are connected to recent trends in securities class actions, such as cybersecurity and data breaches, cryptocurrency, mergers & acquisitions, and non-GAAP financial measures
  • View which law firms represent public companies in federal litigation
  • Identify case outcomes, including settlements, dismissals, and judgments in favor of the plaintiff or defendant

All public companies must disclose their material legal proceedings under SEC Regulation S-K §229.103. Material legal proceedings can have a significant impact on a company's financial health and stability if the Court's judgment is against the registrant. The same also applies to officers or directors and accounting firms that are named as defendants.

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