Audit Analytics for Universities

With more than ten years of data and analysis of public company disclosures, Audit Analytics provides universities and researchers with access to an unparalleled collection of databases. We have detailed databases on Audit Fees and Auditor Changes, Financial Restatements, Internal Controls over Financial Reporting, Comment Letters, Auditor Ratification, Changes in Accounting Estimates, PCAOB Inspections and more.

Our databases incorporate expert analysis in order to normalize qualitative disclosures. The proprietary methodologies and issue taxonomies enable quantitative analysis of these qualitative factors.


Audit Analytics has become an integral part of the public company archival accounting research community. Cited in numerous scholarly papers, Audit Analytics is seen as one of the best resources for research and data; it has been used as the basis for testimony to the SEC as well as by various accounting standard bodies. We are proud to contribute to the cutting-edge research that seeks to improve the quality of financial reporting.


Professors can integrate Audit Analytics into their courses to provide students with expert-level research projects, unique case studies and exposure to many of the relevant topics in the audit, regulatory and disclosure market.

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