Audit Analytics for Insurance Providers

Informed Underwriting

Our insurance clients use Audit Analytics to review their professional liability insurance policies. They cross reference the client lists on the applications with what is reported publicly by the audit firm's clients. Additionally if there have been any financial restatements or other accounting issues in the past, the underwriters can quickly compare what is disclosed in the audit firm or director and officer (D&O) insurance applications with the due diligence profiles presented in Audit Analytics.

Audit Analytics provides comprehensive intelligence on the auditors of public companies, broker dealers, registered investment advisors, private funds, insurance companies, benefit plans, and nonprofits. We are the only research firm in the market place that can provide comprehensive audit firm market share. So if you want to know who audits who, contact Audit Analytics.

Business Development

Our e-mail alert system enables account managers to setup up custom e-mail alerts that notify them when one of their accounting firm clients or prospects lose or engage a new SEC registrant. When an engagement occurs this can mean adjustments to the policy premiums or the need for additional insurance coverage.

Audit firms can be easily searched in the Audit Analytics system by location and number of clients in specific markets enabling business development professionals to create comprehensive target account lists.

Due Diligence

The Audit Analytics due diligence profiles provide a comprehensive over view of accounting and reporting issue for public companies. Our profiles also track governance, regulatory and legal disclosures by company with details on the stakeholders and individuals often noted in these disclosures.

If you are providing professional liability insurance to accounting firms or directors and officers, your due diligence efforts should include Audit Analytics.

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