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Audit Analytics Europe covers public companies listed on European exchanges, and includes auditor, tenure, and audit fee information. This database also extracts and normalizes entities as disclosed in the transparency reports of each audit firm by member state.

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Audit Fees
Captures audit, audit related, tax, and other fees paid to the independent auditor. Presented in Reported Currency, USD and EUR.
Audit Opinions
Tracks all auditor reports on financial statements of EEA-exchange public companies. Key data points include office city of auditor and partner names.*
Auditor Changes
Tracks prospective auditor changes as disclosed in annual reports, annual general meetings, and press releases. Key data points include departing and engaged auditors, date of announcement, and the fiscal year to be audited by the engaged auditor.
Auditor Engagements
Tracks current auditor(s) of record. Key data points include current auditor, auditor tenure, and estimated rotation dates.
Key Audit Matters
Tracks Key Audit Matters for auditors of EEA and Swiss equity listed entities, normalizes the topic of the KAM, pulls the text of the title and description of the KAM, and includes the auditor's response.
Transparency Reports
Tracks Transparency Reports published annually by EEA and Switzerland-located audit firms and the normalized names of all entities disclosed on each audit firm's Transparency Reports since 2011.
*The Signing Partner information must, by law, be used in a manner consistent with the public interest and compatible with the regulatory reason it was initially collected (e.g., accounting quality and financial disclosure integrity).

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