Professional Services

Let Audit Analytics analysts and professionals help you with your custom research.

In addition to the online subscription services that we provide, our analysts and development teams are available to build custom research databases. We can apply our expertise in the normalization and categorization of free form text from public company disclosures to help you better understand specific disclosure trends and data mine for new business opportunities.

Our services include:

  • Audit fee benchmarking
  • Market share analysis
  • Portfolio screenings for audit + compliance issues
  • Custom data mining
  • Custom database development

Examples of custom Audit Analytics research & database development

  • Auditor Tenure Databases
  • Auditor Consent Database
  • Director & Officer Composition Databases
  • Shareholder Ownership Databases
  • Custom Independence Dashboards
  • Mutual Funds Holdings Databases
  • Custom XML Form 2 Development
  • Client specific dashboards supporting their research work flow
  • Custom Audit Opinion Alerts
    • Omitted, Qualified, Disclaimer, Adverse, Not Signed or Dated, Withdrawn
  • Foreign Indefinitely Reinvested Earnings: Balances Held by the Russell 3000: A 5-Year Snapshot
  • European Current Auditor and Auditor Tenure Databases
  • European Audit Committee research

Please contact Audit Analytics for more information and to discuss your custom research requirements.

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