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Bankruptcies Tracks SEC filings of bankruptcy declarations under Chapters 7 and 11 by court and date.
Comment Letters An extensive database of SEC comment letters and company responses. Our experts have categorized each letter according to the new FASB Accounting Standards Codification (ASC). Furthermore, each letter is indexed according to 2,800 proprietary issues regarding specific accounting rules and regulations. Search and browse by:
  • Issue or citation
  • Text string
  • People (SEC staff, lawyers, executives) and firms
  • Company, industry and referenced filings
Comment Letter Threads In addition to the ability to benchmark comment letters at a macro level, conduct specific research by viewing particular SEC questions paired with their corresponding company responses. This allows for precise analysis of the narrative regarding the nature of specific SEC inquiries.
Mergers & Acquisitions Tracks M&A activity disclosed in 8-K filings since 2010 for all SEC registrants - data includes the auditor of record (where available), and details about the transaction, including value, description, and more.
Initial Public Offerings Tracks initial public offerings since 2000 - including auditor at IPO date, current auditor and IPO related accounting and legal fees.
Litigation Provides analysis and breakdown of all federal securities class action claims, SEC actions and material federal civil litigation.
Outside Counsel Tracks known outside counsel engagements for public companies. Synthesizes disclosures regarding outside representation from the following data sets: litigation, comment letters, securities prospectus and registrations, annual reports, investor relations websites, as well as phone and email inquiries.
Private Placements Tracks the private securities offerings as disclosed under Reg D. Key data points include total amount of offering, amount sold, directors and officers.
Shareholder Activism Tracks the disclosed disputes, actions and intentions of activist shareholders as disclosed in Schedule 13D filings.
Tax Footnotes Tracks the tax information disclosed in the footnotes of SEC registrants including their effective tax rates, deferred taxes, current taxes and acquired tax benefits.
Transfer Agents Tracks the stock transfer agents for over 11,000 SEC registrants. Key data points include number of shareholders and current stock transfer agent.

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