Audit + ComplianceLeading accounting and financial institutions
rely on our audit and compliance data
  • - 18 of the top 20 accounting firms
  • - 4 of the top 5 E&O insurers
  • - Over 250 universities
  • - 8 regulatory bodies

Our data feeds and online platform address core informational demands for a variety of professional research needs. The Audit + Compliance solution is composed of ten data modules and covers all SEC registrants. It is used daily by researchers around the world for market intelligence, due diligence, compliance monitoring and trend analysis.

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Auditor Changes Tracking over 25,000 auditor changes made by public companies since the year 2000.
Auditor Engagements Updated daily we track who audits every public company. Key data points include auditor tenure and registration status.
Audit Fees Over 200,000 observations of audit fee data culled from public disclosures since the year 2000.
Audit Opinions Tracks all auditor reports on financial statements disclosed since 2000. Key data points include office of auditor and going concern modifications.
Benefit Plan Opinions Tracks all auditor reports found in 11-K filings.
D&O Changes Updated daily we monitor all director and officer changes.
Disclosure Controls Every SOX 302 assessment analyzed back to 2002. All assessments are categorized using our proprietary issues taxonomy.
Internal Controls All SOX 404 assessments analyzed back to 2004 and categorized with our proprietary issues taxonomy.
Late Filers Tracks all late filing notifications since 2000. Each notification is categorized with our proprietary issues taxonomy.
Restatements Tracks all financial restatements disclosed since 2000. All accounting and accounting related disclosed issues are categorized for each restatement.

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