Accounting Quality + Risk Matrix
Accounting Quality + Risk Matrix
Accounting Quality + Risk Matrix

The Accounting Quality + Risk Matrix ("AQRM") is an interactive tool to screen your portfolio for risk indicators based on qualitative disclosures. AQRM is available through the Company Profile pages on or as a custom data feed.

  • Highlight indicators of potential earnings management and other accounting quality issues.
  • Quickly understand potential governance and control risks.
  • Drill down to assess detailed data surrounding the potential issue.

AQRM is for any analyst or stakeholder interested in a company's public disclosures, especially for qualitative and contextual items. Our analysts read annual, quarterly and event filings, and using methodologies that have been refined for over a decade, we normalize the data to make it easier to understand quickly.

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To access AQRM on, go to any Company Profile page and click the icon at the top right-hand side of the page.

Picture of AQRM on Audit Analytics company profile

To learn more about the Accounting Quality + Risk Matrix, please contact Audit Analytics. You can call us at (508) 476-7007 or e-mail

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