The following academic research cites Audit Analytics as a data source.

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January 2019
Does One Size Fit All? Evidence on XBRL Adoption and 10?K Filing Lag
Jie Zhou
(Department of Accounting, California State University)

January 2019
Determinants and Consequences of Quantitative Critical Accounting Estimate Disclosures
Matthew Glendening
(University of Missouri)
Elaine Mauldin
(University of Missouri)
Kenneth W. Shaw
(University of Missouri)

January 2019
Does Late 10K Filing Impact Companies’ Financial Reporting Strategy? Evidence from Discretionary Accruals and Real Transaction Management
Santanu Mitra
(Mike Ilitch School of Business - Wayne State University)

Talal Al Hayale
(Odette School of Business - University of Windsor)

January 2019
Auditors are Known by the Companies They Keep
Jonathan Cook
(Public Company Accounting Oversight Board)
Karla M. Johnstone-Zehms
(University of Wisconsin – Madison)
Zachary T. Kowaleski
(University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business)
Michael Minnis
(University of Chicago Booth School of Business)
Andrew Sutherland
(MIT Sloan School of Management)

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