Warning Signs Leading to Securities Litigation

Over the past 10 years, major drivers behind securities litigation were either financial restatements and misrepresentations or significant corporate events (such as IPOs and M&A activity). Material restatements are very likely to trigger a legal action. Yet, the key question that … Continue reading

Literature Review: “Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Reporting Errors Deemed Immaterial by Managers”

In this post, we look at a recent paper titled “Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Reporting Errors Deemed Immaterial by Managers” by Preeti Choudhary, Kenneth Merkley, and Katherine Schipper. The authors use Audit Analytics’ databases on restatements and immaterial error corrections to provide an in-depth analysis of the … Continue reading

Accountants’ Liability 2016 Conference Overview

At this year’s annual Accountants’ Liability conference held in Washington, D.C., Audit Analytics’ CEO, Mark Cheffers, together with Robert Kueppers, former Vice Chairman at Deloitte, presented a comprehensive update on liability exposure issues faced by the accounting industry. Topics covered in their presentation included large … Continue reading

2015 SEC Filing Highlights, Part 1 of 2

In this post, our second annual “best-of-the-year” review, we’ll look at 2015 filings for some of the highlights of the year: the largest restatement, for example, and the biggest overseas stash. We’ll also look at lengthy comment letter correspondence, give a quick recap of … Continue reading