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PDF Indefinitely Reinvested Foreign Earnings - Balances Held By the Russell 1000: An 8-Year Snapshot
  Report (July 2016)

PDF 2015 Financial Restatements: A Fifteen Year Comparison
  Report (May 2016)

PDF Late Filings: 2000-2015
  Report (May 2016)

PDF 2014 Going Concerns: A Fifteen Year Review
  Report (January 2016)

PDF Audit Fees and Non-Audit Fees: A Thirteen Year Trend
  Report (August 2015)

PDF CEO & CFO Departures: A Ten Year Review
  Report (June 2015)

PDF 2014 Financial Restatements: A Fourteen Year Comparison
  Report (April 2015)

PDF Foreign Indefinitely Reinvested Earnings - Balances Held By the Russell 3000: A 7 Year Snapshot
  Report (April 2015)

PDF Canadian Non-Audit Fees and Audit Fees: A Seven Year Review
  Report (February 2015)

PDF 2013 Going Concerns: A Fourteen Year Review
  Report (December 2014)

PDF Audit Fees and Non-audit Fees: A Twelve Year Trend
  Report (September 2014)

PDF 2013 Financial Restatements: A Thirteen Year Comparison
  Report (April 2014)

PDF Foreign Indefinitely Reinvested Earnings: Balances Held by the Russell 1000: A 6-Year Snapshot
  Report (March 2014)

PDF 2012 Going Concerns: A Thirteen Year Review
  Report (October 2013)

PDF Audit Fees and Non-audit Fees: An Eleven Year Trend
  Report (July 2013)

PDF Foreign Indefinitely Reinvested Earnings: Balances Held by the Russell 3000: A 5-Year Snapshot
  Report (May 2013)

PDF 2012 Financial Restatements: A Twelve-Year Comparison
  Report (March 2013)

PDF 2011 Going Concerns: A Twelve Year Review
  Report (December 2012)

PDF 2011 Financial Restatements: An Eleven-Year Comparison
  Report (April 2012)

PDF Auditor Tenure, Financial Officer Turnover, and Financial Reporting Trends
  Report (December 2011)

PDF Going Concern Overview
  Report (July 2011)

PDF Audit Fees and Non-Audit Fees; an Eight Year Trend
  Report (May 2011)

PDF 2010 Financial Restatements - A Ten Year Comparison
  Analysis (May 2011)

PDF CFO and Auditor Departures Occurring Near the Issuance of a Restatement
  Report (February 2011)

PDF SOX 404 Dashboard: Year 6 Update
  Report (November 2010)

PDF SEC Comment Letters: Inquiries into Transactions Similar to Lehman Repo 105s
  Report (July 2010)

PDF Director Departures - A Five Year Overview
  Report (March 2010)

PDF Restatements Disclosed by the Two Types of SOX 404 Issuers
  Report (December 2009)

PDF Activist Shareholder Analysis - A Three Year Trend
  Briefing (May 2009)

PDF Compensation Consultant Analysis
  Briefing (September 2008)

PDF Trends in CEO and CFO Changes
  Briefing (July 2008)

PDF SAB 108 Adoption
  Briefing (January 2008)

PDF FIN 48 Adoption
  Briefing (January 2008)

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